Shortly after starting her brand, Christina Ledang quickly proved herself more than capable in the area of wardrobe staples. Her flattering silhouettes, comfortable materials and use of color is exactly what made C.L.E.A.N by Christina Ledang popular amongst Norwegian women. However, times are changing, and so is the industry of fashion. “I want to go in a different direction. My new collection, The Pink Collection, is not so much focused on creating what women need, but more about what women want, what I want. – you can call it a selfish collection 

The Pink Collection is all about optimism and freedom, and throwing the rulebook out the window. Christina is going back to her original aestethics and considering the editorial value in each garment with this collection. 

In addition to being a designer, Christina Ledang is also a stylist represented by PUDDER agency. Ledang has showed three of her previous collections during Oslo Runway.

16:00 C.L.E.A.N. by Christina Ledang
OSLOVELO – Seilduksgata 23
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