Tableau is a magazine and a knowledge network for fashion and visual culture. Tableau started as Tableau Paper in 2013 and has released six issues since. Tableau Paper was created with a desire for a platform for alternative interpretations of fashion and beauty, with the goal of exploring identity, norms and boundaries as they are show and shaped though contemporary fashion and visual culture.
Critical to norms, we aim to challenge conventional perception and show trends, bodies and lifestyles in subjective, specific and critical ways. We aim to dig deep, change attitudes and show connections, similarities and differences across fields and industries. Fashion reflects the times, but Tableau wants to show that fashion can also set the agenda and thus have relevance and impact far beyond the pages of fashion magazines.
Tableau Paper is an idealistic project that runs primarily on the good will of our contributors, of which there are many. Through the work with Tableau Paper, we have gathered and large, eclectic and unique group of journalists, authors, photographers, stylists, designers, art directors, artists, communications advisors and academics.
In 2015, we decided to offer our team’s unique competencies to commercial clients through 2. Tableau. Since then, we have made magazines, programs, pamphlets, presentations, panel discussions, window displays and exhibitions, as well as traditional ad campaigns, for several large customers, including international footwear brand New Balance, Oslo shopping center Paleet, Norway’s business cluster for fashion, Norwegian Fashion Hub and Oslo Runway. Tableau is run by Tove Sivertsen and Henia Gamborg Kjørsvik.