Photo: Martine Stenberg


18:30 Madeleine Holth x Aúma

Madeleine Holth x AÙMA marks a new and important step for founding members of Auma, Magne and Gloria as they collaborate with one of Norway’s freshest talents in the line of journalism. The collaboration is created in order to define the important step between the writer and the designer. Madeleine Holth x Auma is an exploration and interpretation of something that has been a major inspiration for Madeleine Holth over the past 6 months. Her impulsive and gender neutral idea of ready to wear mixed with Gloria’s design talent comes together in a once in a lifetime collection.

Madeleine Holth is a 26-year old fashion journalist based in Oslo, Norway. She has lived in several cities around the world and has specialized her writing for the international reader, some of her recent international publishers include NSS, Highsnobiety, VICE UK, Nero Journal and Dry Magazine.

“ I was approached by AÙMA in September 2016 regarding creating a capsule collection based off of me, my aesthetic and my creative nature. While it may be considered narcissistic to have a collection centered around one singular person, I am in no way a designer, nor do I aspire to be one and this is why Madeleine Holth x AÙMA is a once in a lifetime deal. You get to see clothes and construction through my eyes, one time and one time only” – Madeleine Holth.

About AÙMA
AÙMA was established autumn 2012 by designer Gloria Aùma and her partner, Magne Risnes. In 2013 the label debuted their first complete collection, and later on held a couple of shows during New York Fashion Week, before returning home to Oslo. As a young label, AÙMA has focused on having a “no set rules” approach towards fashion and has become known for their effort to somewhat blur the gender lines, creating modern pieces that embodies the play between conventional and unconventional clothing.