The Bik Bok Runway Award is an endorsement of young, talented designers. Bik Bok, a vital member of Norway’s largest fashion company, will grant five young designers the opportunity to showcase at Oslo Runway. As a recognition of young talents’ hard work and craft, Bik Bok wants to encourage new designers to pursue a career in fashion and support new prospects within the Norwegian arena.

Nominated designers 2018

Bror August is a eponymous fashion brand founded and run by Bror August Vestbø. Bror August launched its first collection “Film Orange” in 2015. Bror August Vestbø made his first runway presentation under NYFW in 2016 with his second collection “Never had a boyfriend jeans” at David Lewis Gallery. Collection no. 3, in 2016 “I love Central Park”, was presented at Kunstnernes Hus during Oslo Runway, followed by a presentation during NYFW at David Lewis Gallery. His latest collection “Togetherness” was presented during NYFW in 2017. In between the brands collections, Bror August has also designed clothing for culture magazine ALL-IN, made costumes for dance and performance and participated in several exhibitions at institutions such as Stedjik Museum (AMS) and Moderna Museet (STHML).

Great to be nominated! I am looking forward to showing a new collection!
-Bror August

Look book photos: Benjamin Barron
Jakob Landvik
Portrait: Private

HAiKw/ (est. 2012) approaches fashion through a collaborative practice. The name of the label directly reflects their working method; the Norwegian word haik means to hitch hike. To cover more creative ground, HAiKw/ invites collaborators along to get to ever new and unknown destinations for each collection. The result is always surprising and multifaceted –critical, yet tongue in cheek. The multidisciplinary team makes collections that balance artistic flair with wearability. Playful concept pieces are balanced by an appreciation of what is commonplace. Emphasis is put on creating custom developed prints and woven fabrics specific for each project. HAiKw/ is based in Oslo and is run by Harald Lunde Helgesen and Ida Falck Øien.

This nomination awakens our competitive instinct, so now we have to knuckle down and make our best collection so far!
-Harald Lunde Helgesen

Studio photos: Martine Stenberg
Catwalk photos: Indigital Images

Portrait: Jan Kühr

Merilin Kolk recently graduated from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo with a BA in clothing design. She was born and raised in Estonia, and moved to Norway at the age of 19. Before fashion she studied business. Merilin works with ideas and expectations to do with femininity, and in her work she tries to strengthen the feminine in women. She works with such concepts as relations, identity and sense of reality. She does this by way of an exploration of the movement of the garments and a conscious use of volume and material.

 To be nominated for the Bik Bok Runway Awards was a surprise to me. I am thrilled – it is very exciting. Having recently left school it is a huge acknowledgement to be nominated.
-Merilin Kolk

Catwalk photos: Roger Fosaas
Portrait: Johannes L. F. Sunde

O—F—C, Office for Form and Contexture, is a research and design office situated in Oslo. This interdisciplinary network of artists and creative professionals is working with design and audio-visual media to research and communicate ideas through collaborative projects and events. The team is lead by Øyvind Ruud who holds a degree from Central Saint Martins and the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. For their first project they have developed a made-to-order collection that examines classical menswear such as tailoring, street wear, knitwear and sportswear. By looking at the needs within a wardrobe they attempt to create archetypal pieces with focus on ideal form. O—F—C seek to design clothes for a consistent, seasonless way of buying fashion. Garments are not reinvented, but rather idealized through an exploration of contemporary utilitarian functionalism. The design team behind the collection is Axel Enquist, Mark Lewis Barbero, Annikken Wilhelmsen and Natalia Korotkova. By exploring different aspects of fashion,
O—F—C aims to advance this project further by developing quality products with carefully selected materials and sustainable production at the centre of attention.

We are incredible proud to be nominated for the Bik Bok Runway Award. BBRA help young designers in the difficult early stages of their career. We would like to thank Bik Bok and Oslo Runway for the important incentive the awards have become. They help developing new Norwegian designers and contributes to the Norwegian fashion industry at large. We feel honored to be nominated alongside so many new and talented Norwegian designers and look very much forward to be working together on this project. The whole team is very excited to learn, collaborate and build new connections through this unique opportunity. We are extremely happy, and pleased, and look forward to present our collection again at Oslo Runway SS19 in August together with our fellow nominees.
-Øyvind Ruud

Catwalk photos: Kim Jakobsen To
Portrait: Jørn Aagaard

Søster Studio was founded in Oslo in 2017 by designer Pernille Nadine, and is today run by her and her partner Paavo. The jewellery is handcrafted in Oslo. Every ready-to-wear piece is made exclusively in a small studio in London. Their objective is to offer sustainable luxury fashion. They are a seasonless brand and they deliberately craft their garments in small quantities. With a sincere interest in the environment and the impact the fashion industry has on it, they extend this to every aspect of their work. As a community, Søster aims to be as social and environmentally responsible as possible. They are vegetarians, using strictly no leather, fur, skins or feather and use as little plastic as possible in their clothing, branding and packaging. Their production is not basing on seasonal changes but rather allows it to be led by the materials and crafts people who make them. All of the imagery created for branding and press purposes is the result of a collaboration by their team to show the models and the range simply as they are and without any beauty retouching.

Surreal! We are so happy to be nominated, as it gives us an important validation that what we do is important. Securing financing is tricky for new designers, and being committed to sustainability and wanting to challenge the systems makes it even harder. Therefore, the Bik Bok Runway Award means a great deal to us. Now we just can’t wait to give you a good show.
Pernille Nadine

Look book photos: Carlijn Jacobs
Portrait: Private