Moiré is an Oslo based womenswear brand founded in 2016 by the Design Agency Moiré. Moiré is both minimalistic, and maximalistic, with a feminine touch. Opposed to the use-and-discard mentality, the brand is built upon a mutual wish for more tailoring, one-of-a-kind details and high-quality textiles. With two small collections a year consisting a full wardrobe, Moiré strives to be what can be considered an extra spice in people’s wardrobe – blending daywear into eveningwear in a unique and relaxed way. They often have other designers, and artists involved in their process. The Brand has gotten a lot of attentions from the leading Scandinavian bloggers with it’s clean cut and unique details. At the moment the brand is stocked in a handful of Norway’s best high-end stores.

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BBRA 2017
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