French for “by the sea”, Sur la Mer takes on a beach concept and is developed from Raske Rêvêrs design and Jara’s images. Together with other visual effects developed in the collaboration, they are inviting you to a relaxed beach day, “sur la mer”.

Raske Rêvêr is a sports/fashion brand of energetic clothing for fast people. Using bright colors and references to classic American sportswear, designers Lisa Kristindatter Mortensen and Solveig Aksnes started the cooperation in 2014, after graduating from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. A shared interest for sports, animal welfare and sustainability brought them together, and are integrated in the label.

Jara Marken is an artist who creates sculptures, pictures and installations. She draws inspiration from nature and shifting surroundings that affects us subconsciously. Through abstraction, crisp colors, rhythm and repetition, she explores different qualities and transfers them to her visual landscape. Her works express a playful approach to the existential.


Photo Jan Khür