Mixed Seats exhibition

Head of Art of Oslo Runway, Ali Shah Gallefoss, is curating an outdoor group exhibition in collaboration with the exhibition platform Pyton, which is run by Henrik Ødegaard, Trond Meyer, Richard Øiestad and Are Blytt. The exhibition, which will take place in Oslobukta, will showcase a selection of chairs that can be placed in the public space. This is a result of a challenge given to a group of creatives across the disciplines of art, architecture, and design.  

­– Outside seating usually consists of benches, which is not a particularly private piece of furniture. We thought it would be interesting to work with an outdoor furniture piece with a greater focus on the individual. Maybe these chairs can help create a bigger sense of privacy in public spaces? says Shah Gallefoss.


Ali Shah Gallefoss

Falke Svatun

Jonas Løland

Maja Pauline

Nebil Zaman

Stine Aas

Studio Sløyd

Jewelry exhibition

Continuing last year’s success, this year’s Oslo Runway will once again show the largely mentioned jewelry and art exhibition in Oslobukta. This year, with artist and ceramist Nellie Jonsson as a collaborator. Jonsson has previously exhibited her works at QB Gallery, Salgshallen and Valkyrien in Bogstadveien. Her figurative work communicates an everyday tone, mixed with unexpected compositions that will leave a distinctive mark on the exhibition, showing some of the country's most prominent and promising jewelry designers.


Aur Studio




Liv Misund

Mold Atelier

Nellie Jonsson

Pearl Octopuss.y

Sorgenfri Artwear

Once again, for the second year in a row, the exhibition project Sorgenfri Artwear will be apart of this year’s Oslo Runway. Here, up-and-coming and established designers alike, all working in the intersection between art and fashion, will show their creations. Ingrid Bredholt and Vaar Bothner, the women behind the gallery Sorgenfri in Oslo, are the initiators of the group exhibition, which is aiming to highlight the most influential voices within slow fashion. Bredholt and Bothner’s work revolves around creating a more informed, nuanced, and sustainable industry with a greater focus on business, ethics, and craft.