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Diawéne is built upon the concept of tradition and timelessness. We wish to create jewelry that is influenced by the simplicity of the scandi expression, but keep the detail and finish of the traditional West African look. Diawéne was also created based on the experience of coming from two different worlds, and the desire to let one influence the other. This might be a disadvantage for some, but Diawéne was born because of it. In summary, Diawéne is the result of sisters Haddy and Aissatou Ceesay’s multicultural background - being born and raised in Norway, with parents from Senegal and The Gambia. The goal is to bring Senegalese and Gambian craftsmanship to Norway through jewellery, which is a large part of their heritage.

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Photo: Henriette Fürst Johansen

Haddy Ceesay