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ILAG is a Norwegian brand, established in 2020, with roots in Western Norway. The idea sprang from a desire to create more conscious, relaxed and fun pieces of clothing. ILAG everyday outfits are pretty, comfortable and versatile enough to be worn both at work, in social gatherings as well as at home. ILAG is made to offer clothes which make women feel well and fresh. ILAG is a brand with a Nordic signature and a modern cut. The garments have a relaxed fit and a Scandinavian simplicity. ILAG is an everyday brand, because most days are weekdays. ILAG means “together”, and together we shall praise the everyday life by making it prettier, softer, warmer and more colourful. The ILAG collections are clothes made in more sustainable materials, “dead stock” fabrics and fabric compositions that have a good durability. We do what we can to make clothes in long lasting materials. The garments live longer and ILAG wants to inspire women to use our garments more often, over a longer period and on several occasions. ILAG is built on a recycling system: If the customer delivers a used ILAG garment to, upon buying a new one, she will be given a discount on the new purchase. Additionally, ILAG will clean, repair or redesign returned ILAG garments. Then, we will resell the item at By doing this, ILAG, together with the customer, will prolong the life of every single garment, something which contributes to strengthen ILAG’s vision to be a more sustainable brand. Together we go in circle, and together we reuse our garments. ILAG we shall cultivate the authentic Nordic which includes both city life, country life, life by the fjords and in the mountains. Also,the wet, the raw, the forests, the moors, the coast and the mountain plateaus, the darkness as well as the Nordic light. We encourage local genuineness; the sad, the happy, the inspiring and the ugly which is quite beautiful. Norway has so much to offer, whatever the season, whatever the theme, whatever the weather. We will cheer for Norway in our expression, Norway as ILAG see it.

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Photo: Anisha Noor

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