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Studio visit Envelope1976

What is it like to work as a creative in Norway, today? 

Working as a creative in Norway gives us new challenges every day, and new opportunities, having the most amazing nature around us while creating. We have always been inspired by the Norwegian nature, and our surroundings have been part of all our campaigns. From the volcano rocks by the sea in the south to the Mountains up north, shot by amazing new talents. There is a new wave of creative teams out there, and also a much more supportive industry in general, giving feedback, and trust in new projects. 

Why are sustainable practices so important to Norwegian designers?

I hope sustainable practices are on top of everyone’s mind. That said, I think this way of thinking goes back to our roots and our love for the nature. Here in Norway we have always had a focus on supporting the local, re-using, re-designing and recycling. We have grown up with hand knitted sweaters made by our grandparents, wearing hand-me-downs in new ways, and challenging ourselves to hand make more things, or keep production close. We need to take care of our planet and we have to invest in the future.  


What is your view of Norwegian design in a global perspective?

We are so proud of what's happening in Norway, from smaller collectives and independent brands to more established brands gaining foothold. We still have a way to go to get noticed globally, but I believe this is only the beginning. For us, fashion is a combination of core values and aesthetics. We are proud to be a part of this among so many talents and designers to watch out for. The future is right in front of us, and with all new platforms and social media, who knows who's the next big thing out there…  

What motivated you to found Envelope1976?

The journey started many years ago, with an idea to create a more versatile, minimalistic and seasonless brand with a sustainable approach. To create clothes made to last and to be worn in multiple ways. When I was a kid I bought most of my clothes vintage from the men’s section and redesigned my own clothes. My mission has always been that you can reuse what you have, and focus on a wardrobe with a few key pieces in natural materials and in a neutral color palette.

After years in the magazine business, I began to engage in more design projects for others, and it become clearer to me that I had to turn my ideas into plans. Pia and I met through work in the fashion industry, and found that we shared the same vision, and passion for sustainability and fashion. We knew how hard it was to engage in both worlds, with the fashion industry disrupting our climate, so we decided to let both our passions collide into one. 

There are so many ways to create clothes with more sustainable materials, make greener choices and take a look at seasons and production. Everyone is responsible for the well being of the earth, because everyone´s actions have impact, and the aggregated contribution is the solution. 

 Before launching in Norway November 2018, we did a lot of research before finally deciding to go further with our concept. With a common goal for a more transparent and sustainable industry we created Envelope1976, with a selection of limited styles made to last, and a vision to create pieces to be worn in multiple ways. We are slowly moving forward. And for each collection we challenge ourselves even more to show that you can make high-fashion garments that fit everyone. 


What does a day in the studio look like for you? 

We are a small team at the office, and all of us are special potatoes working like octopuses. I think you need to have that extra hand if you are joining a startup. Our days are packed from the morning to the evening, with design meetings, tech packs, redesigning, fitting. We also handle a pop up in between sales meetings in our studio at Øvrefoss, Løkka. Normally we have full days at the office from eight or nine, and then five additional hours in the late evening at home by the computer, discussing work, ideas and projects. 

 We are inspired by the 70’s, and I try to see as many options as possible in a garment, to make one piece wearable in several ways. The key is to distill it down to a visual story, and also consider how to create new items that are both seasonless and multifunctional. We create handmade pieces at the office, and then produce the rest in Istanbul with fine fabrics from Italy and biodegradable cuprous from Japan.

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