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Studio visit LilleLi

What is it like to work as a creative in Norway, today? 

It’s a lot of fun, as I use nature a lot. Here I find peace of mind, and creativity runs free. Opportunities arise, as people become more environmentally conscious, and shop locally and online from different designers. 

Why are sustainable practices so important to Norwegian designers?

Working with silver allows for the material to be remelted and remade into new jewellery. There is no waste material, as excess silver also can be cast again. One challenge that has become apparent during Covid, is that fewer people have been dressing up. As society reopens, I notice how people again want to put on jewelry and shine 

What is your view of Norwegian design in a global perspective?

I think most Norwegian designers work towards universal and sustainable products, with a long life time and high quality that reflect our cultural heritage and nature, unique to Norway. 

What motivated you to found LilleLi?

I have always loved making things, and redesigning clothes and jewelry. This motivated me to dare to modernise traditional Sàmi and Norwegian jewelry, such as ‘søljer’ (a type of brooch) and necklaces. My vision is that this type of jewelry becomes more universal and can be used for all occasions, and not only with the traditional costumes of gàkti and bunad. 

What does a day in the studio look like for you?

My studio is in my home, as LilleLi has evolved from a hobby to a small business. Most days go to making the jewelry, and during production I consider new designs and new plans. I love visiting different markets, where I meet customers and get to be social. The day has to start or end with a walk out in nature, for new ideas. Sometimes I’m bubbling over with new ideas, and need to recalibrate and reorient myself to reality. 

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