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Studio visit Iben

What is it like to work as a creative in Norway, today?  

Working creatively in a country like Norway is incredibly exciting, it provides great opportunities for innovation and focus on quality with our great growth in the field, and with our four seasons that require quality and functionality.


Why are sustainable practices so important to Norwegian designers?

A sustainability focus is so important for Norwegian designers because in 2021 we see how much damage overproduction does to our planet. We have a fantastic opportunity to find the most sustainable solution for our planet in design development and production from the very beginning.


What is your view of Norwegian design from a global perspective?

Norway has a unique potential for fashion. With inspiration from our four seasons, it requires us to have full focus on pure qualities, and the garments must be practical and usable because the weather is often changing. Our residents are used to investing in good quality. My claim is that Norway can excel and become known for sustainable fashion with high quality.


What motivated you to found Iben?

With my background in retail and wholesale, it was a natural part of the development of both myself and the company to create Iben. With Iben we inspire and supply self-made women with the wardrobe that communicates their inner strength by style. “Empowering dressing”, so to say. I find her personality extremely inspiring, and it is amazing to follow the trends and interpet what’s happening in the world through her eyes. 

Authentic, rooted, strong, passionate and free are the core values of the brand and make up the foundation of each collection created. Iben is all about female strength and the belief that women make women stronger. Storytelling is a key factor in each collection and is communicated by “colorstory,” fabrics, prints and silhouettes. The design’s tone of voice is “tomboy mentality”, making an unpretentious twist on fashion that emphasizes laidback styling, functional garments and a free mindset.

Iben garments are wearable and comfortable, always focusing on sustainable design and functionality. Sustainable production is essential, and with an entrepreneurial approach as key values, motivates the brand onward in a conscious direction. Iben believes in trust towards their factories and customers; by making intentional choices at the beginning of the design process, selecting the right materials, factories and location of production, which has a great impact on the end footprint.


What does a day in the studio look like for you? 

In the company group, we house a clothing agency with five brands, a multi-brand clothing store with international brands and Iben. A day in our studio includes absolutely everything from design, customer visits to purchases. There is a lot of laughter and passion under one roof with a team of dedicated entrepreneurs who are passionate about their work. Our biggest focus is our company motto "better today, best tomorrow" which covers our development and the way there.

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