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Norwegian Fashion industry aligns with Sustainability requirements

The Norwegian fashion industry joins forces with Copenhagen Fashion Week to push the industry to accelerate sustainability efforts.

Today, 10 August 2021, at a press event taking place before the opening show of Copenhagen Fashion Week, CEO Cecilie Thorsmark announced that CPHFW’s 2023 Sustainability Requirements will be implemented in the Norwegian fashion industry through a partnership with the industry organisation Norwegian Fashion Hub and the Norwegian fashion event Oslo Runway. A process that will lead to even more alignment and connectivity across the two Nordic countries and their industries.

“As a national fashion event, we have an obligation to contribute and shape new mindsets and practices for a more inclusive, equal and sustainable fashion culture. Working with sustainability, both in social and environmental aspects, the biggest impact is made through collaborative partnerships. I have great respect for the work Copenhagen Fashion Week has done with the CPHFW 2023 Sustainability Requirements, so when Oslo Runway decided to set new sustainability standards for the event and the participating brands, it was natural to reach out to Cecilie Thorsmark to see how our organisations could collaborate”, says Elin Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Runway.

“It is essential that the Norwegian industry contributes towards a more sustainable future for fashion. To be traceable and transparent in the process, we see the need for an international framework that is useful and educational for brands of all sizes. Therefore, we are proud to partner up with Copenhagen Fashion Week and Oslo Runway”, says Elin Kathrine Saunes, CEO Norwegian Fashion Hub.

“When we launched the 2023 Sustainability Requirements in the beginning of 2020, one of our greatest aspirations was to pursue partnerships with other organisations and fashion weeks due to the tremendous potential of the framework in being rolled out more broadly. We are thrilled to see this aspiration come to live and to announce our first partner outside of Denmark to achieve greater industry alignment. It’s a big milestone for us to see the requirements gaining recognition and we are excited to build on this step in the future”, says Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The partnership includes the implementation of Copenhagen Fashion Week’s 2023 Sustainability Requirements to 60 Norwegian companies that are members of the Norwegian Fashion Hub as well as approximately 30 brands that participate in Oslo Runway. By using the framework, companies will be able to determine their current standing among six strongly interlinked focus areas for conducting responsible business.


The 2023 Sustainability Requirements were launched by Copenhagen Fashion Week in close collaboration with CPHFW’s Knowledge Partner In Futurum in January 2020. They represent an essential part of CPHFW’s Sustainability Strategy to drive comprehensive change in the fashion industry and were reviewed by their Advisory Board and an international panel of experts.

Since its launch, the biggest trade fair in Denmark - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) - announced the implementation of the framework as the first partner to collaborate with CPHFW on their roll-out. In May 2021, the government-funded program “Fremtidens Tekstiler” selected the requirements as the framework to train 50 SMEs to lead to further action.

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