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Oslo Runway is proud to present a unique collaboration between David-Andersen and Margaret Abeshu

Oslo Runway NEXT designer Margaret Abeshu and the heritage goldsmith David-Andersen collaborated on showpiece jewellery featured at Oslo Runway 2023.

David-Andersen and Margaret Abeshu have worked closely together to create an exclusive jewellery collection of three showpieces, where the traditional signature of David-Andersen is fused with Margaret Abeshu’s characteristic raw and dramatic expression. The jewellery will be presented as an extension of Abeshu’s newest clothing collection on August 14, during Oslo Runway.

After a deep dive into the archives of David-Andersen, the 100-year-old enamelled, orange and black butterfly became the important element in both the necklaces and earrings. The jewellery harmonize with the clothing collection, which is a continuation of Abeshu’s graduate collection “Hypoglesia 2022” from last year. The collection is based on «The Last Angel of History» by John Akomfrah from 1996, a hybrid film of documentary and fictive storytelling, which is exploring the origin, impact and meaning of afro futurism and techno music for the black diaspora.

– My vision was to bring back something from the archives of David-Andersen, and add my own spin on it. I was very fascinated by the traditional enamel technique, a respected craft and an art form, which is still practised here in Oslo. This is why I chose the iconic David-Andersen butterfly, which is also a universal symbol of freedom, transformation, rebirth, beauty and hope. Personally, the butterfly bring out nostalgic memories of my childhood, such as hair accessories, but also, the 2000’s fashion and music videos, like Mariah Carey’s album «Butterfly» from 1997, says fashion designer Margaret Abeshu.

The jewellery also features big baroque pearls with an uneven surface, combined with chains which is a creative signature of the Ethiopian-Norwegian designer. Abeshu has been involved in the enamel process from start to finish, collaborating with David-Andersens local enamel workshop in Oslo. The finished jewellery was assembled in David-Andersens own workshop at Egertorge, and the collaboration between Abeshu, David-Andersen and their local craftsmen has been essential in the creation of the unique jewellery. 

– Collaborating with David-Andersen has been very educational, insightful and reassuring. For me, it was very moving to experience the inside of the workshop, and meet the professionals who still keep this traditional practice alive right here in the heart of Oslo, says Abeshu.

After nearly 150 years as a leading goldsmith in Norway, David-Andersen has collaborated with several artists and designers over the years. Investing in the designers of tomorrow is important to make sure that the brand keeps reinventing itself, as well as carrying on the long tradition of handcraft.

– This collaboration brings something new and unexpected to our design history, and at the same time preserving the quality and exclusivity of the craft. The link between the goldsmith industry and Norwegian fashion industry, lay the ground for innovation, inspiration and a greater appeal among people interested in fashion and jewellery. We are proud of the result and how this jewellery represents an exciting merge of the David-Andersen heritage and Margarets unique style, says Nina K. Botnedal, designer at David-Andersen.

Margaret Abeshu is one of the three selected designers for Oslo Runway NEXT – a new ambitious program supported by DS Automobiles, providing opportunities for newly established designers. The jewellery collection, which is a collaboration between David-Andersen and Margaret Abeshu, is created specifically for her runway show during Oslo Runway in August and will not be for sale.

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