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We are excited to announce our new collaboration with gallery Sorgenfri for the Sorgenfri Artwear exhibition.

Sorgenfri is a multi-level shop-space and concept gallery in Oslo, curating art and design. The space regularly introduces artists that fit into a Scandinavian and sustainable context, offering long-living design products and one-of-a-kind pieces from the world’s archive as a reaction to today’s ‘fast fashion’. Sorgenfri also initiates collaborations between artists and leading brands to unite and create limited edition collaborative products.  

The exhibition concept Sorgenfri Artwear will be launched as a new branch under Oslo Runway, showcasing designers working at the intersection of fashion and art, and highlighting voices within slow fashion.

“We experience that many professionals are not happy with the fashion industry as it is today. Through the next decade the industry is forced to go through a fundamental change, and we urge to bring together the Norwegian, contemporary voices of this development.

The Sorgenfri Artwear exhibition corresponds to this shift by exploring the crossing between art and fashion. Working to achieve a more knowledgeable, nuanced and sustainable industry with a bigger focus on business, ethics and the craft. Pursuing the fact that a garment can also be seen as an object of the arts.

The exhibition will be both an interactive digital viewing room and a physical exhibition in the Oslobukta. We are happy to do this together with Oslo Runway, as we believe that Sorgenfri Artwear will be an important direction for the Norwegian fashion industry in the future.” Ingrid Bredholt and Vaar Bothner, founders Sorgenfri.

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