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1313 SELAH: REPENTANCE: A fashion presentation at MUNCH

Latin American street fashion meets Norwegian black metal in a different kind of fashion show at the Munch Museum.

Doors: 8:00 PM
1313 Selah fashion presentation: 9:00 - 9:30 PM
Party and DJ set by DJ BRODINSKI (FR) B2B DJ LOSER (GR): 9:30 - 00:00 PM

Tickets include entrance to the exhibitions as well, from 5 PM.

Oslo Runway and MUNCH have invited 1313 Selah to challenge the traditional fashion show format. They are presenting their second collection, "Repentance", as an audio visual immersive experience where performance art, concert and fashion show are woven together.

- Edvard Munch was an artist who worked with several different disciplines, and since the MUNCH institution of today also works with both modernism and contemporary art, we are in a unique position to be able to connect several art expressions. In fashion, we see many examples of collaborations across art forms, which includes performances, composers and producers. This is an intriguing trend that we don’t see too much of in Norway, and facilitating these kinds of crossings is a perfect fit for our profile,
says Marte Danielsen Jølbo, Artistic Director at MUNCH live.

Jonas Vebner, Head of MUNCH live adds that the MUNCH live program is characterized by a will to explore, experiment and take risks - for and together with artists.

- This is exactly what we are doing in this collaboration, where 1313 Selah have had great freedom to create a performative show that includes elements from music, spoken word, performance, choreography and the club scene. The show is also connected to the Arif exhibition that will open a few days later, where 1313 Selah have been involved as well, explains Vebner.
- So here we have several exciting and meaningful points of touch, and we are very happy to have been able to do this collaboration with Oslo Runway and all the artists involved! he adds.

With Arif as a central character

For the exhibition “Arif at MUNCH”, 1313 Selah have played a central role in giving visual form to Arif’s spiritual universe through clothes. However, this night at MUNCH, you will get an unique opportunity to see Arif as a central character in 1313 Selah’s universe, accompanied by commissioned musical work by Angel’s Corpse.

- The opportunity to collaborate with the team at MUNCH live gives us an enormous amount of energy. The fact that they dare to take risks through investing in non-traditional formats means so much for Norwegian creatives! says Elin O. Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Runway.
- A multi-artistic collaboration like this recognizes fashion as a cultural creative expression that extends far beyond the actual piece of clothing, and provides a space for creators like 1313 Selah, with their fearless approach to politics, spirituality and cultural heritage through fashion as a lens, explains Carlsen.

Continues with underground icon and French rap producer

The night will transition into a party where the French rap producer and DJ Brodinski together with Greek DJ Loser will send the energy through the roof.
DJ Loser is an underground icon within the DIY techno scene, known for his high-energy club sets and a broad spectrum of genres, as well as his work with the record label Magdalena’s Apathy, which holds a finger on the pulse of everything new and groundbreaking moving within underground club music.

Brodinski has been going strong since 2007, when he first broke out on the Parisian club scene together with big names such as Busy P, Justice, Dj Mehdi and Gesaffelstein. His curiosity towards music genre crossings brought him to working on Kanye West’s album Yeezus, where he is credited as songwriter for “Send it up” and “Black Skinhead”. Since then, Brodinski has become a go-to producer for several underground rappers. He has worked with artists such as Yung Beef, RXKNephew, Coucou Chloe, BbyMutha and Peewee Longway - to name only a few.

DJ Loser and Brodinski launched their joint EP “Necro.Bot” in 2022. This night at MUNCH marks their first b2b DJ set together.


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