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Introducing the Sustainability Requirements for 2023

All participants of Oslo Runway 2023 must report on their current sustainable approach, to be a part of the official schedule.

Initiating a sustainable strategy for the future of Norwegian fashion industry, all brands and designers applying for the official schedule, will be introduced to the Minimum Standards of CPHFW Sustainability Requirements. Additionally, they will be asked to sign and agree to align with the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, an agreement considering diversity and inclusion for models and staff.

In 2021, Oslo Runway joined forces with Norwegian Fashion Hub and Copenhagen Fashion Week, to implement the CPHFW Sustainability Requirements to the Norwegian fashion industry. Being the first time this framework is put in place for Oslo Runway, brands are expected to get to know the level of sustainable efforts that will be expected of them in the upcoming seasons. Applicants will be asked to report on how they are currently standing in relation to their sustainable approach. The goal is that from 2024 and onwards, the criteria will be mandatory and all participating brands are inquired to comply with the Minimum Standards.

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– I am very excited that Oslo Runway this season has successfully introduced the Sustainability Requirements as a mandatory reporting element for the brands showcasing. It is another big milestone following the implementation of the Minimum Standards at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The fact that both Copenhagen Fashion Week and Oslo Runway are requiring brands to comply with ambitious sustainability measures, proves that it is possible to align on what a responsible future for fashion weeks should look like, says Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The Sustainability Requirements cover six different areas of emphasis, including Strategic Direction, Design, Smart Material Choices, Working Conditions, Consumer Engagement and Show production. The requirements are a vital part of the application process, meant to support the brands in the process of defining their sustainable measures, ultimately enabling positive effects in the Norwegian Fashion industry.