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Oslo Runway in partnership with the iconic Kari Traa: strong women on how to get back up after a fall

We are delighted to announce another partner for the upcoming season of Oslo Runway. Iconic World Champion Kari Traa and her eponymous brand are dedicated to making women feel strong and happy.

It is a pretty big deal to have Kari Traa as our partner for the upcoming season of Oslo Runway. Not only is Kari Traa known for her freestyle skiing, which has made her a four times World Champion and secured her a total of 37 World Cup titles - she is also known for her playful, high-quality clothing brand made for strong girls, by strong girls.

Adding activewear
This partnership allows Oslo Runway to further include Norwegian activewear into the Norwegian fashion scene.

- It has been a dream of ours to collaborate more closely with Norwegian outdoor brands - because our design industry is just as much about runways as it is about our active lifestyle. So it's insanely cool that we've now got a collaboration with Kari Traa herself - our own national treasure! says Elin O. Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Runway.

She also highlights the brand’s global success.

- Internationally, the Kari Traa brand is recognized not only for their playful design expression, but also for playing an important role in promoting more diversity in the fashion and outdoor industry. We applaud that! adds Carlsen.

- It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of Oslo Runway as this represents a unique opportunity to tear down barriers between different industries and show how fashion and an active lifestyle can be combined in creative and inspiring ways. We look forward to bringing our unique style and colorful energy to Oslo Runway, says Kari Traa, World Freestyle Champion and founder of the brand.

Marketing Advisor of Kari Traa, Karoline Hegbom, believes the collaboration is a unique opportunity to explore and promote Norwegian design and creativity on an international level.

- It’s exciting to collaborate with Oslo Runway, being an important event that brings talents together and that creates a unique space for innovation and inspiration, says Hegbom.

Conversation series on getting back up
Kari Traa is passionate about female empowerment - to the point of both her and her brand being strongly associated with it. She is used to a working environment filled with boys and men. She also knows that you’ll never be World Champion if you’re not prepared to give it your all - and rise back up every time you fall. Because you will.

Kari Traa is launching their latest campaign called Uff da - Norwegian for “Ouch, but you’ll be fine”. Most Norwegians, Kari Traa included, are used to this typical phrase extending further than being just a saying. It’s a mindset. Did you fall and hurt your knee as a child? Uff da. Did you fail your most important exam? Uff da. Whether it’s about the big, small, physical or psychological “falls” in life, you’ll need to get back up.

Inspired by this, Oslo Runway and Kari Traa are initiating important conversations between strong, talented women who have fought for their successes. Recorded in conversation with Kari, they explore different aspects of their stories.

- The “Uff da” attitude is important to me on so many levels. It represents honesty, vulnerability and community. We live in a world where perfection is often promoted, but being able to be real and open about our “uff da” moments can create strong bonds between us. When we share about our challenges and flaws, we show that we are all humans. Being able to support each other through both successes and challenges is what real collaboration is about”, says Kari Traa.

Both Oslo Runway and Kari Traa appreciate the aspects of Norwegian heritage related to “Uff da”.

- This attitude is a part of our cultural heritage and represents a unique mix of humour, self-irony and strength that we Norwegians are proud of. The Kari Traa brand strongly associates with this attitude, as it promotes the importance of not taking oneself too seriously and the ability to laugh in the face of life’s challenges - just like Kari Traa herself, shares Karoline Hegbom.

So - what does a world champion freestyle skier, a young, female rallycross and Extreme E champion, a renowned freelance photographer and a co-founder of an internationally acclaimed clothing brand have in common? Well, for one thing, they’re experts in getting back up after taking a fall.
*Stay tuned for the conversations, launching soon.

Susanne Holzweiler, Founder at Holzweiler.
Hedda Hosås, professional rallycross driver and champion.
Sara Abraham, photographer and Art Director

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