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OsloMet students contributes with insight on how to reach the next generation

Staying attractive among a new generation of consumers and commercial partners is important in a rapidly changing industry. We asked the students at OsloMet for input on how we can maintain our position as a leading, creative platform, and got valuable feedback.

How can Oslo Runway expand its business base through increased attractiveness among the new generation of consumers and audiences, and thereby increase attractiveness among commercial partners? We asked the students at Art and Design – Fashion and Industry at OsloMet to explore this problem statement.   

Looking at how Oslo Runway can be attractive to the new generation, and thereby create an even greater appeal to potential commercial partners, the students used different workshops to map out possibilities for our onward approach. They then worked in two groups, one focusing on the social media presence, and the other on branding and commercial partners.

– The students have given us a lot of useful input for potential event concepts for our open program, suggested partners they would like to see us cooperating with, and given us valuable insights on how we can better our social media communication. They also confirmed the importance of having partners with the same values as us, says Elin Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Runway.

With responsible consumption and production being one of the UN’s goals for sustainable development, the students also worked on how launching events can be done in a more sustainable fashion. 

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