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This year’s program committee

Introducing the experts shaping Oslo Runway 2024

We proudly introduce the talented individuals and experts in this year’s program committee who are working with us to shape the official schedule in August.
Meet an exciting group of broad backgrounds - from Head Buyers to Editors to Founders - who have shown great interest in going through this season’s applicants and new talents.
With highly valued input from the following names, we have decided on the brands showcasing during the official Oslo Runway program for August 2024.

-Alexander Marthinsen, Co-Founder of F5
-Ali Shah Gallefoss, Head of Art at Oslo Runway
-Elin Odh Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Runway
-Erlend Osland Simensen, Co-Founder and Head Buyer at Dapper Oslo
-Esther Roe, former Head Buyer at Høyer Oslo
-Ida Elise Eide Einarsdottir, Fashion Expert and Fashion Editor at KK Magazine
-Ida Eritsland, Fashion Expert and Editor at "Om Stil"
-Patrick Stanbye, Creative Director
-Sunniva Hartgen, Head of Fashion at Oslo Runway

Get ready for the inspiration that lies ahead.

“This year’s committee is made up of dedicated people bringing broad experiences from several fields of fashion, covering both the cultural and industrial aspects. We are proud to have the input of a variety of experts when deciding on the Oslo Runway program for August. We are grateful for the commitment they have shown during our meetings, both when it comes to shaping the program and finding the next Norwegian talents. We thank them for the time spent and for every good discussion.”
– Elin Odh Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Runway.

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