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24.08 — 29.08. 2021
Oslobukta, Oslo

Experience a front-row view of Norway’s most exciting design talent and the intersection between fashion, lifestyle, art & culture.

Applications for Oslo Runway

This is the application form for the official event schedule in August 2023
Closes on the 28th of February

To be a part of Oslo Runway 2023 is a unique opportunity for you as a designer or a company to gain visibility in the fashion industry and beyond. The official event schedule will be featured on our website, in press releases and through social media coverage, reaching both national and international press. 

As a part of the official event schedule, your brand will be promoted on our website. This includes an online event profile featuring an image of your choice, as well as details about your brand and event. Events listed on the official schedule all have exclusive slots, and you can choose it to be by invitation only or open to the public. 

All participants will be invited to relevant Oslo Runway events, such as press-events and parties, as well as getting 1:1 sessions with advisors. Additionally, selected runway presentations will be sponsored by a professional team of hair stylists from Eleni & Chris, where all products are included. 

2023 Key Dates
Applications will be reviewed and shortlisted by a program committee. As a shortlisted applicant you will be invited to undertake a sustainability survey submission. 
• 24 January - Applications Open
• 28 February - Applications Close
• 1 May - Sustainability Survey Submission Deadline
• 24 May - Jewellery Exhibition Announcement
• 15 June - Brand Line Up Announcement

All applicants will have to apply for maximum two of the enlisted categories:

Runway presentations
Runway presentations will showcase collections in the traditional format. This can be either a digital or physical presentation directed by the respective brand or designer.

Showroom events
Showroom events will feature a brand’s or designer’s products displayed on models or as a part of a curated space, combined with a physical event.

Jewellery Exhibition
The jewellery exhibition is a dedicated showcase of Norway’s most talented jewellery designers. This is a group exhibition exclusively for jewellery design.

Oslo Runway NEXT
Oslo Runway NEXT supports Norway’s emerging designer talents, by hosting opportunities of showcasing, as well as bespoke business mentoring. The three selected brands, with the most impressive collections, will be offered a mentorship program with some of the most significant leaders of the Norwegian fashion and lifestyle industry. They will also be part of a dedicated Oslo Runway NEXT showroom and a runway presentation with 200 guests.

To be considered for Oslo Runway NEXT, applicants should meet the following criteria:

• Have a business that has been actively trading for less than 3 years
• Be an apparel brand based in Norway
• Have a collection which have been sold via wholesale, and/or direct-to-consumer
• Demonstrate innovative design with a strong identity and sustainable approach
• Successful applicants are required to show 15 outfits at Oslo Runway

Brands and designers can host a party to promote their brand. This can be in addition to their showcasing event, and the party can be open to the public or invites only.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner event
Breakfast, lunch and dinner events provide an intimate setting to promote the brand. This can be in addition to their showcasing event, and is hosted by the respective brand or designer.

Sustainability Requirements
In 2021, Oslo Runway, Norwegian Fashion Hub and Copenhagen Fashion Week joined forces to implement CPHFW’s Sustainability Requirements in the Norwegian fashion industry. From 2023, all brands that want to participate at Oslo Runway are inquired to give insight into their current standing on their sustainability efforts. All brands must comply with The Minimum Standards by 2024.

Diversity Requirements
Brands must sign and agree to align with the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter. Read more about the charter here. When partaking at Oslo Runway, brands agree to consider diversity and inclusion for models as well as staff.

2023 Schedule Pricing
Please note that all event listings on the official schedule incur a listing fee. The prices for the event schedule services, covers invitations and hosting of key national and international press, and reflects the participating brands annual turnover.
Runway presentation, Showroom event, Party, Breakfast, lunch, or dinner event:
• < 5million NOK: 7.550 NOK
• 5-50 million NOK: 10.550 NOK
• 50+million NOK: 15.550 NOK
*The price is regardless of format, and regardless of the timespan of the event. 

Jewellery Exhibition: 10.550 NOK
*Production of the exhibition is included in the price.

Oslo Runway NEXT: 10.550 NOK
*Production of a runway presentation is included in the price.

2023 Payment Terms
All brands included on the official schedule are required to pay 100% of the schedule package fee in anticipation of Oslo Runway. All brands will receive an invoice no later than 3 April 2023 that must be paid within 14 days. Please note, that in case a brand decides to cancel participation, this amount will not be reimbursed. 

Applications close
28th of February 2023

For additional information or questions, please reach out to us

Application form

General information

Annual turnover in NOK ex. VAT

Social media

Contact person

This will be the main point of contact for all communication pertaining to the brand’s application.

Event information

Short teaser/summary about the event, does not apply for those applying for Jewellery Exhibition and Oslo Runway NEXT. Max. 200 characters incl. spaces.
Max. 500 characters incl. spaces.
Only for those applying for a runway presentation, a showroom event or Oslo Runway NEXT on the official schedule. (WeTransfer link. Portrait format best in 4:5 ratio, JPG format, min. 1600px wide)
Only for those applying for Oslo Runway NEXT (WeTransfer link)

Please note a selection of the event information (image, event summary, event description, social links) will also be used for your event schedule page should you be successful in your application.

Applications close
28th of February 2023

Thank you for applying to be a part of Oslo Runway August 2023!

We are looking forward to reviewing your application. Applications are open until the 28th of February, so please allow 2 weeks after it has closed for us to come back to you.
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